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The Thing of the Week

One of the major downsides (as opposed to all the upsides 🤪) of logging a ton of miles commuting is boredom. It can be easy to stagnate just doing the saaaame loop, week after week. To keep things from being completely dull, I experiment with different routes, people watch, and, of course, practice THE THING OF THE WEEK.

Okay so, here’s the deal with the thing of the week and why I think everyone should do it (true facts):Each week I pick one super-specific bike skill and challenge myself to practice it to death during my commute.

It can be something basic like smooth takeoffs, or something picky and technical like using my upper thighs to support my body to relieve input on the bars during stops. Sometimes the thing of the week lasts more than a week—I’ll do it until either I’ve mastered the skill or I get bored and move on to something else.

Picking a specific task and making a game out of it is a great way to stay focused and commuting is the perfect time to do it. I already know t…

Review: Shoei CWR-1 Transitions Photochromatic Pinlock Shield

I know what you are going to say and you don't even have to go there. $200 for a helmet face shield is outlandish, crazy, maybe even stupid... but oh no it isn't, not when it is the Shoei Transitions Photochromatic face shield!

My sunglass addiction isn't just to pretend I'm a cool gal. I have very light sensitive eyes so doing any sort of motorcycle travel without the proper shades just isn't feasible. I have never mastered the sunglasses under full face helmet circus. Somehow my glasses always end up looking like an outtake from Revenge of the Nerds. Then there's the steaming up and the pain from the ear pieces, it's generally just not my thing.

For several years I rode with a Scorpion EXO 1100 which includes the flip down style tinted face shield underneath the main face shield. I really liked this solution except for the cut in your line of vision caused by the drop down shield.

When it was time to upgrade helmets, the Scorpion brand no longer fit my ti…

Reflections: One kiss is all it takes

I had the loveliest ride in to work this morning and there was nothing particularly special about it.

It was 39 degrees. It was pitch-fucking-black. I had to stop and get gas. There were cars in front of me in my favorite double-apex corner (and at 5 other super annoying times). I left my turn signal on for a mile like a dork. One of my earrings was caught on the liner of my helmet.

Despite all that, it was divine and I was absolutely glowing by the time I got to work.

I have come to really love commuting, but I have a hard time putting my finger on what exactly I find so fabulous. Doing endless clutchwork in stop-and-go traffic? Arriving with haystack bangs and Shoei imprint lines on my face? Hiding 3 pairs of shoes and an extra pair of underwear in my desk? (Don't ask.)

There are the usual theories, of course. If you’re going to have to go to work, you might as well do it the funnest way possible, right? And what better way to wake up than with your beloved motorcycle! Who can re…

Reflections: Babes Ride Out East Coast 3

At this point it’s a matter of odds, five ladies, five motorcycles, four problems. I’ve been the only one that has avoided a minor to major catastrophe and I have that sinking sensation that my minutes are numbered.

The first is an almost-broken-off key in a gas cap with no spare on board. The second is a faulty front tire -- not a flat front tire, a faulty front tire. As in: this only happens to one in every then thousand tires produced manufacturer’s defect tire. The third is a tip over in the gravely parking lot where said faulty tire was replaced. The fourth, two foot peg assembly bolts trying to leap to their freedom at highway speeds (luckily they were trapped by the shift linkage). While on the roadside repairing these bolts we also jump a dead battery.

I’m not superstitious, I don’t carry a lucky charm with me on the motorcycle. I don’t have a dangly bell to ward off “road demons” BUT this is odds and I’m now starting to tense up at the thought of, “I’m next.”

I’ve always bee…

Review: Gerbing EX Pro Heated Moto Gloves

I was gifted a pair of Gerbing EX Pro heated motorcycle gloves for Christmas (YEET), and have finally been testing them for a few weeks now during my daily commute. They hook directly into the bike's electrical system via a 12v harness, which you install at the battery terminals for unlimited heating powerzzz.