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Babes Ride Out East Coast Trip Recap: The Next Chapter

There are moments in time that occupy the corners of your brain space. Sometimes these moments are a significant event or emotion, but sometimes they are a fleeting everyday mundane memory. As I get older, I’m learning that the mundane memory can be equally as emotional as the recollection of an amazing event.

I left for Babes Ride Out 4 with a fair amount of stress in my life. It was a welcome break and I had been counting down the days. I was in the process of selling the first house I’d ever owned and moving back home to Cincinnati. My partner had accepted a new job and after 8 years away, we were moving back.

We were both thrilled, but had also been tirelessly working on getting a 99 year old craftsman home cleaned out and spruced up enough to put on the market. This had already been a 4 month process, since neither of us was really expecting this move. I get overwhelmingly attached to things, and people, and times that you cannot go back to. I’d been living as a basket case and …

Review: Icon Dreadnaught Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack

I'm a three/nearly-four-season commuter and for years I've used an old half-size North Face backpack to schlep around my daily necessities. Barely big enough for a sweatshirt and lunch—and featuring extremely advanced waterproofing technology I like to call "putting things inside garbage bags."

This spring I finally threw in the towel. It was time to seriously upgrade my backpack situation.

A few things I KNEW I needed my bag to do:
Must fit a 15-inch laptopWA-T-ER-PROOF. I'll hit the pavement rain, shine, or torrential downpour and my backpack must party just as hardNo rain covers, because I'm sure as heck not pulling overMust not be completely hideousAfter taking a look at what was on the market, I landed on the Icon Dreadnaught. Of the bags I considered (some of the other hot contenders included the OIGO Mach 3 & Alpinestars City Hunter), it was the only one to tick off every box on my must-have list.

Since I purchased it waaaay back in March, I've …

Babes Ride Out East Coast Trip Recap: Days 1 & 2

There's nothing like the anticipation leading up to a big trip, especially one with two of your best friends. Our destination: Narrowsburg, New York and the Catskill Mountains for our third consecutive Babes Ride Out East Coast event. (If you're not familiar with the event catch up here)

Door-to-door distance one way is around 630 miles, not including reroutes to "the squiggly stuff." Doable in a day, if you're motivated, but we split the ride over two days to allow for maximum goofing off. (It's really what we do best.)

The most make-or-break part of these trips is your attitude. How you choose to react to things will really determine how much you enjoy yourself. For me personally, I'll jump ahead spoiler-alert-style and say that this has been my favorite of our trips OF. ALL. TIME. Everything felt easy and—magic—it was easy.

[So a quick story the other ladies don't even know about (until now), last year on our second day of this exact same trip, I g…

Video: Flushin' dem brakes

2 days until we leave for Babes Ride Out East Coast = time for fresh fluids and a fastener check on the Hornet. Now with even more wholesome bonus content during small person brake education. Catskill mountains here we come!

(We won't mention last years' shift assembly debacle.)
(...Yes we will.)
(It fell off.)
(Check your fasteners, people.)

Roundtable: Why bond with other female riders?

Later this week the three-woman team is hitting the road for our first big trip of the season. We're headed to Babes Ride Out East Coast, an all-women camping rally in New York's Catskill mountains. It's about 1,400 miles round trip and we're in full-blown planning/packing mode!

Babes is a unique organization that puts on all-women-rider events nationwide, and as female ridership has grown, so has popularity of events like these. This will be Shannon's second and Mel and Jamie's third time attending BRO East.

For this week's roudtable, we ask: Why is it important to bond with other female riders?
When I started riding there were not nearly the amount of female riders there are today. It’s really awesome to see the amount of Instagram and Facebook accounts dedicated to women riding motorcycles.

A few years ago, I had my first opportunity to attend an all women’s motorcycle gathering (Babes in Motoland), I didn’t know what to expect but it was purely …