Three times the motorbike, three times the vagina.

This blog is a place where the three of us (Melanie, Shannon, and Jamie) collaborate and share our thoughts about all things riding--the bikes, the gear, the trips, the places, and yes... even those pesky feels that come along with it (ugh, gross).

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While there are tons of motorcycle communities out there, we hadn't found a place that represented us. Street-riding-sometimes-offroading-women-who-go-fast-but-also-love-gear-ATGATT-ride-all-the-time-go-really-far-laugh-really-hard people. You know, that crowd.

Our shared adventures in long-distance touring helped bring us together, but it's definitely grown into something bigger. We didn't feel represented and we know there are other riders out there looking for the same thing.

Though all three of us have different riding styles and different opinions, there's one thing we absolutely all agree on: riding together.