Review: Gerbing EX Pro Heated Moto Gloves

I was gifted a pair of Gerbing EX Pro heated motorcycle gloves for Christmas (YEET), and have finally been testing them for a few weeks now during my daily commute. They hook directly into the bike's electrical system via a 12v harness, which you install at the battery terminals for unlimited heating powerzzz.

Full review stuff below, but a few first impressions:

  • My first test was 35+ minutes riding at 28°. That's around my minimum riding temp for daily commuting. I gambled on the weather and didn't even wear my insulated jacket or my neck tube. Super pleased with how warm I stayed from just hand warming!
  • Incredibly soft inside. Yes. You must.
  • They give you about 30 feet of cord. It's beyond excessive. Drowning in cables. Tornado of cables, swirling all around you. However, after an equally excessive number of zip ties, they were less annoying than I thought. Install was otherwise easy, but plan to spend a few minutes routing your cables.
  • Feel of controls is comparable to my Sidi winter gloves, maybe even slightly better. You might fumble the turn signal the first time, but quick to adapt.
  • Against every single person I've ever met's recommendations, I purchased an on/off button accessory instead of a sliding temp controller. Around 20 minutes in, I turned it off (when my hands were getting max toasty) just to test it out. Turned it back on about 3 seconds later because THIS BITCH IS SPOILED NOW. No regerts yet about on/off only, but time will tell. Easy to press. Warmth is instantaneous. Burn these fingers alive.
  • Truly, it almost doesn't matter how cold the rest of you is if your hands are warm. INSTANT WARMING FOREVER.

Just the nitty-gritty: Gerbing EX Pro Heated Motorcycle Glove Review

Performance & quality

The EX Pros are soft, well-stitched, and offer basic impact protection. Heat is instantaneous and even. Easy to install and use. They're a winter glove, so you do lose some feel of controls, but its comparable if not better than other winter motorcycle gloves I've tried (Sidi, Tour Master).

One thing to consider, however: this particular model is NOT waterproof. They hold up fine in a light sprinkle, but aren't intended to keep you dry in a true downpour. If you want waterproofness, you'll need to upgrade to the Vanguards or Heroes.


Look, these are puffy cold-weather gloves with several feet of electrical cords sticking out the cuffs. Style is not exactly going to be a factor here. BUT TOASTY WARM? Enough said.


Gerbing makes premium quality products and quality has a cost. But in this case, cost vs. usefulness definitely comes out in their favor. If you're looking to invest in heated gear, you just have to bite the bullet. They're not remarkably more expensive than other options, and they're a rider favorite for their quality.

Tip: Make sure you factor accessories into your budget. You'll want to purchase a controller, which can add anywhere from $10-$100 to your final cost.

Overall recommendation

I think it's clear at this point that I would buy these again (a few times over)! Prior to trying the EX Pros, I was on the fence about whether or not heated gear was really worth the price. I'm a known cheapskate and happy to get by stuffing my gear in trash bags and slipping rubber gloves over my summer gloves.

But.... I can say with confidence that my mind has been changed, at least on this. It's a completely worthwhile purchase that will extend your comfort far into the riding season, especially if you're a daily commuter.

Official would recommend? Yes.

About Gerbing Heated Motorcycle Gear

Founded in 1976, Gerbing has built a reputation as The Gold Standard™ in heated motorcycle gear. They make everything from heated gloves and jackets to boot liners and underpants. (Okay, I'm just kidding about the underpants, but I would consider a heated bra. Please & thank you in advance.)