Reflections: One kiss is all it takes

I had the loveliest ride in to work this morning and there was nothing particularly special about it.

It was 39 degrees. It was pitch-fucking-black. I had to stop and get gas. There were cars in front of me in my favorite double-apex corner (and at 5 other super annoying times). I left my turn signal on for a mile like a dork. One of my earrings was caught on the liner of my helmet.

Despite all that, it was divine and I was absolutely glowing by the time I got to work.

I have come to really love commuting, but I have a hard time putting my finger on what exactly I find so fabulous. Doing endless clutchwork in stop-and-go traffic? Arriving with haystack bangs and Shoei imprint lines on my face? Hiding 3 pairs of shoes and an extra pair of underwear in my desk? (Don't ask.)

There are the usual theories, of course. If you’re going to have to go to work, you might as well do it the funnest way possible, right? And what better way to wake up than with your beloved motorcycle! Who can resist a classic ride at sunrise?!

Unfortunately, I’m afraid the real answer is actually much, much weirder. I like memorizing traffic patterns. I like playing challenge games. I like timing lights and mathing speeds to blow through them all in a row. I like looking ahead and strategizing my route options. I like reading traffic patterns and (correctly) guessing what every single car driver will do next.

And, it turns out I actually DO like endlessly practicing my clutchwork in stop-and-go traffic.

Yes, it might be some kind of disease.


  1. If it's a disease, I caught it a long time ago. Some of my greatest rides are my commutes to work ... new man when get to my office. Speaking of, I've got the same gear stuffed into various drawers in my desk and cabinets - though only two pairs of shoes. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Our poor cabinets! It really is a disease.


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